A comfortable and beautiful 25-meter pool DDD is foreseen both for sports and for improving purposes. Swimming, one of the most highly effective kind of sport, promotes preservation and health improvement both for adults and children. For two years of existence, DDD pool won big popularity both among local population and among foreign guests. The pool is built with consideration of the last technical achievements and new technologies. The roof of the pool is dome-shaped covering, due to which natural light easily penetrates inside, which creates pleasant atmosphere. Heating system, ventilation, air conditioning, filtering and disinfection of water are completely automated and they act 24hour, providing optimum, corresponding to required standards microclimate and perfect purity of water. In the territory of the pool there are two saunas, a massage room, and a bar. Introduced electronic plastic cards allow itself to check the client stay time in the pool.

We have flexible system of discounts. Both group and individual exercises are conducted. Visit once our pool “DDD”, and you will probably become our desired customer.