DDD is an ideal place for improving physical culture, where everything corresponds to international standards. Modern fitness technologies and tendencies are realized here. The complex occupies a territory more than 400sq.m. And consists of one large exercise room, two halls for group trainings (they are equipped with suitable male and female lockers with shower rooms and bathrooms), saunas (with pool, steam room, rest room), massage room, beauty salon and nonalcoholic bar.

In the training hall there are training equipment of the best world producers. Our experienced trainers many of which have internationals qualification, will make an individual plan of exercises for you and will help you to solve all the problems concerning of the overweight as well as of health. The specialists proved that sport exercises slow the ageing process and activate the hormones of happiness. Exercises on aerobics, shaping, step-reebok, dance aerobics and exercises with ball are conducted in the halls for group trainings.

With the help of fitness testing our specialists will define your maximal power possibilities to date, and with high exactness will estimate optimum mode of trainings for you.